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Purva Palm Beach

Purva Palm Beach – Current Offer ( As on 25th May 2016 )

SCHEME – 10 : 80 : 10 Offer from HDFC & ICICI (The scheme works as mentioned below)

  • 10% of the agreement value to be paid at the time of Booking
  • 80% of the agreement value via bank loan during the period and as per the stages of construction
  • 10% of the agreement value to be paid while taking possession of the Unit

(The interest for the loan during the period before possession is borne by the builder)

Purva Palm Beach – Details

Purva Palm Beach

Purva Palm Beach – Location

Surrounding Developments

Click Link – http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2011-07-02/india-business/29729869_1_sobha-developers-premium-apartments-nitesh-estates

Purva Palm Beach – Master Plan & Floor Plans

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Purva Palm Beach – Features


Purva Palm Beach – Pricing

Purva palm beach

Note: Other charges applicable

  • The base Price is INR 5,650 / sft
  • Floor Rise- INR 20 / sft / floor
  • Premium Charges- INR 175 / sft
  • Super Premium Charges- INR 400 / sft
  • Ultra Premium Charges- INR 650 / sft
  • Car Park- INR 3,50,000
  • Club House Charges- INR 2,25,000
  • VAT/ST, KEB/BWSSB charges etc as per Government Norms

Plus Points

  • Good For Investment / Self use
  • Beach Theme based Project
  • First of its kind and unique Amenities
  • Brand Advantage
  • Pricing
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Purva Palm Beach Confidential Note on Maintenance

Purva Palm BeachPurva Palm Beach

About Builder

Since its inception in 1975, Puravankara has believed that there is only one mantra for success: Quality. This credo combined with uncompromising values, customer-centricity, robust engineering, and transparency in business operations, has placed it among the ‘most preferred’ real estate brands in both residential and commercial segments.

The Company has grown from strength to strength, having successfully completed 36 residential/commercial projects spanning 7.80 million square feet. Currently, it has 29 million square feet of projects under development, with an additional 88 million square feet in projected development over the next 7-10 years. An ISO 9001 certification by DNV in 1998 and a DA2+ rating by CRISIL are testament to Puravankara’s reputation as a real estate developer of the highest quality and reliability standards.

The Group commenced operations in Mumbai and has established significant presence in the metropolitan cities of Bangalore, Kochi, Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Mysore and overseas in Dubai, Colombo and Saudi-Arabia.

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  1. MS
    23 Jan 2014
    Investing in Palm beach is a good option. What are the current project which has pre-launch offers and good for investment. Reply
    • 30 Jan 2014
      Hi MS, Top 5 Projects which has pre-launch offers and good for investment. are 1) Purva Palm Beach 2) Sobha Silicon Oasis 3) Unitech Superb 4) Kolte Patil Mirablis 5) Purva Westend.Call - Please Talk to my team @ 9590181181. to know more about these projects. Bookings & Best Deals
  2. 23 Jan 2014
    Hello Harish - Could you please let me know which one do you prefer when compared this one with Westend? I am looking to buy one but want to decide between two of these projects. This is for investment and I would like to know the project which will appreciate the most in the next 3 years! Thanks in advance. Reply
    • 30 Jan 2014
      Hi Krish, Purva Westend has already appreciated and its time to invest in Purva Palm Beach for better ROI. .Please Talk to my team @ 9590181181.to know more about the project.Bookings & Best Deals
  3. 24 Jan 2014
    Hi Harish, any views on this property. What is the appreciation one can expect from this property and is this better than mantri web city.. Reply
    • 30 Jan 2014
      Hi Meenakshi, Mantri Webcity is good in terms of Location and Purva Palm Beach is good in terms of Project Configuration & Good for investors because of No Lock in Period.Projected Appreciation is 15 - 17 % YOY.
  4. 24 Jan 2014
    Hello Harish, I am looking for 2 BHK in Hennur Road. I checked out Samrudhi rhythm and Purva Palm Beach and found floor plans for Samrudhi rhythm better than Purva palm. Can you please tell which will be the best option out of these two or any other project in this area...from appreciation/resale and long-term perspective? Reply
    • 31 Jan 2014
      Hi Gaurav, Purva Palm Beach has got lot to offer. Project is equally good for Self USe / Investment. I feel, You should consider Purva Palm Beach for Better ROI.
  5. 25 Jan 2014
    We want to invest in a property for investment purpose. Could you please guide us which propert would be advisable to invest if we are looking fir good returns in next 3-5 years. Reply
    • 31 Jan 2014
      Hi Sunny, As of now Purva Palm Beach & DivyaSree ROW are best for Investment.Please Talk to my team @ 9590181181. to know more about these projects. Bookings & Best Deals
  6. 27 Jan 2014
    Hi Harish, Can you pls suggest how the beach/lagoon will be sustained with water being a precious resource in Bangalore? How much maintenance cost will occur per month? Do buyers have to pay heavy maintenance cost for this theme? pls advice. Reply
    • 31 Jan 2014
      Hi Neha, As far as i know , Maintaining Green based Amenities requires more water than Water based Amenities. Usually Builders link recycled water to green amenities & water based amenities. Purva Palm Beach is designed with less greenery and more water body and the best part here is water used for theses amenities can again be recycled and pumped back. which wont be possible in green based projects as water goes to ground and In fact, Project which has more gardens & Landscape attracts higher maintenance. As far As i know Maintenance Cost should not cross more than Rs.3 to 3.5 / Sft. Please Talk to my team @ 9590181181. To know more about purva palm beach.Bookings & Best Deals
  7. 28 Jan 2014
    I feel price is too high. even though they quote only 4250-4650, the price for a 1250 sft apartment comes to 80L, which means the other charges like carpark, floor-rise, club charges has been overloaded. Reply
  8. VJ
    29 Jan 2014
    I too feel the same regarding their additional charges, I did a calc on their 10th floor 1232 sq ft , seems pricey Per sq ft high rise ₹ 246,400 car park ₹ 350,000 clubhouse ₹ 225,000 service tax/VAT ₹ 600,000 Elect/Water ₹ 200,000 stamp duty not included HomzNSpace--whats your take here? Reply
    • 31 Jan 2014
      Hi VJ, Demand Talks here. More than 250 Expression of interest collected by the builder. Purva is planning to revise the price.
  9. 6 Feb 2014
    Hi Harish What is your opinion on the hennur area where this project is Reply
    • 11 Feb 2014
      Hi Ravi, we have witnessed lot of real estate development in hennur area . This would next hub in north bangalore. we have uploaded self explanatory video and article on surrounding development.Request you to go through the same.
  10. deb
    6 Feb 2014
    Hi Harish, Mantri webcity and Purva plam beach which is better for investment ? What are the +ve and -ve points of both. Please share Tx : Deb Reply
    • 11 Feb 2014
      Hi Deb, Mantri Holds advantage in terms of location and price. Purva Holds advantage in terms of Amenities.
  11. DR
    10 Feb 2014
    Hi Harish, Sorry for posting it in the wrong thread but I am looking for some reviews on Empyrean villas and I am not able to locate anything on your site. Is there someone who can help with some review? Reply
    • 12 Feb 2014
      Hi DR, We are yet to review Empyrean Villas. Will update you once we review the same.
  12. RP
    17 Feb 2014
    The concept of premium and super premium charges is a bit ridiculous. Looked at the westend property and found each apartment is either a premium or super premium without an exception. The request to Purva is to please stop fooling people with this farce and add this to the base price. Had been looking into various properties for investing and decided on westend or palm beach. When I looked at the prices of various blocks of westend, it struck me. Purva already charges a premium, then what's this premium and super premium charge on each flat? I understand there can be a base and then there can be a premium based on direction or whatever. Here though you have to pay a premium in any case that will be around 2 lacs and will go upto 9 lacs based on the sqft. What's the damn problem of adding it to the base price? Reply
  13. 4 Mar 2014
    Purva Venezia took 5.5 years to complete. Do all Puravankara projects take this much time in general for completion ? Reply
  14. 30 Mar 2014
    Hi Harish, Appreciate your effort in providing unbiased comments/suggestions on the Bangalore real estate market.As you would have come across already many people buy apartments for investment than for self use. I think you would also agree that for investment, plots are ideal than apartments.But many people cannot opt for it, because of the fact that they couldn't find any genuine sites to provide more information on the same and on the other hand there is more risk involved. Would suggest you here to pay more attention and throw light on the genuine layouts equally like apartments to provide a helping hand for investors.Hope this will be mutually beneficial as well. Reply
    • 5 Apr 2014
      Hi Nanjan, Its very true that plots ideal than apartments for Investment and i agree on all your points. But, Because of Time & Resource constraint we are not able to review layouts as of now. Will definitely start reviewing Layouts in future.
  15. 8 Apr 2014
    Finally booked 3BHK - Classic, overall quote is 85 (including registration). Is it right investment ? Reply
  16. UK
    11 Apr 2014
    Apartments holds very good potential in future. What is your expectation that it will touch the price after handover Reply
    • UK
      11 Apr 2014
      can you put yr thoughts harish Regards UK
    • 24 Apr 2014
      Hi UK, Based on our study, Projected Price after Handing Over would be Rs.6000/ Sft.
  17. raj
    11 Apr 2014
    Hi harish- One of my collegue has invested in the wisdom tree community by Expat group at hennur......... I am also planning to invest there can you suggest on this. Reply
    • 24 Apr 2014
      Hi Raj, Sorry, We have not reviewed Wisdom Tree. So wont be able to comment.
  18. 1 May 2014
    Hi Harish, I am interested in this project. Can you please explain what are the major points that differentiate a Classic Unit from a Premium or a super-premium one. Is this categorization done on the basis of specifications, such as flooring etc.? Also can you tell whether a 2BHK Classic in this project is good from the point of view of investment and getting rental returns? How much would be the all inclusive cost for a 2BHK unit? My budget is around 60-65 Lacs maximum. Can you please suggest some more good properties close to hebbal? Thanks Reply
    • 6 May 2014
      Hi Nita, Key differentiator is Balcony Views and Main door Facing. Its not to relate with specifications / flooring. Yes, you can consider 2 BHK Classic as Investment point of view. Approx. 2 BHK would cost 70 Lacs All inclusive.
  19. 3 May 2014
    Hi Harish, One question from investment perspective in Purva Palm Beach. Do you think for an individual buyer it is easy to re-sale PPB apartments after 5 years from now? Reply
  20. 13 May 2014
    Have you reviewed Nitesh Melbourne park? How is the builder? Can it be compared with Mantri Lithos, webcity and Purva palm beach in the vicinity? Reply
    • 29 May 2014
      Hi Amit, Did you get any more information about Nitesh melbourne park? How is this project and have you booked a flat in this project?
  21. 14 May 2014
    Hi, Could you please tell me list of the projects having duplex apartments in North Bangalore. Preferably 3BHK. Reply
    • 22 May 2014
      Hi Rakesh, Look at Nikoo Homes Loft Option
  22. 1 Jun 2014
    Please join http://groups.google.com/group/purvapalmbeachowners if you have booked apartment in Palm Beach. Reply
  23. 2 Jun 2014
    Hi Harish, I have heard that mantri webcity is facing a slow down . do you see any negative in that project. Reply
    • 3 Jun 2014
      I heard there is a big drain passing from the project. That could be the reason of slow down. I got to know that they have stopped the pre-EMI scheme, but saw a one page advertisement in last Sunday's TOI.
    • 13 Jun 2014
      Hi Jitendra, I have not seen any negative in Mantri webcity. Probably the slowdown is caused because Purva Palm Beach Launch.
  24. 11 Jun 2014
    Hello, How is Brigade Altamont, Brigade Golden Triangle and Brigade Northridge. Also advice on Campan Valley Project by Cornerstone Reply
  25. 24 Jun 2014
    Hi Harish, Your views were helpful for me to take an informed decision. Thanks. I have booked a 3BHK - grand lagoon facing @ PPB... Hope I made a wise decision !! Reply
    • 30 Jun 2014
      Hi Prashanth Radhakrishnan, Yes, You have made a wise decision.
  26. 1 Jul 2014
    Hi Harish, Good Information. I am planning to invest in a property and will might keep it for longer duration. I am looking for 3BHK and have queried Brigade Cosmopolis, Prestige Lake Side Habitat, and few other projects. what do you say about PBB in comparison of Brigade and Prestige projects rate, location and construction wise. Thanks, Prashant Reply
    • 17 Jul 2014
      Hi Prashant, Construction wise all the 3 builders are equally good. In terms of Rate & Location. My 1st option would be Purva Palm Beach & 2nd option would be Prestige Lakeside Habitat.
  27. NK
    1 Aug 2014
    im going to book a property in august, please advise which is best in north Bangalore and also compare it to prestige lake side habitat Reply
    • 4 Sep 2014
      HI NK please consider Nikoo Homes, Purva Palm Beach, Mantri Lithos are the few best options in North Bangalore. These projects are equally comparable to PLH. If your considering PLH, its a good option in Whitefield.
  28. 7 Aug 2014
    Hi Your value opinion on brigade northridge near kogilu cross please .? Reply
    • 4 Sep 2014
      Hi Koishore We have not reviewed Brigade Northridge. Sorry !
  29. 19 Sep 2014
    Hi Harish.... Can you please compare Purva Palm Beach Vs Nikoo Homes for a 2BHK and 3BHK. Also let me know what is the best deal we can get from homznspace for the two. Reply
    • 13 Oct 2014
      Hi Umair, Purva Palm Beach & Nikoo Homes cant be compared. Both are unique of its own. My 1st Preference would be Nikoo Homes. please talk to my team @ 9590171171 for best possible deals.
  30. 14 Oct 2014
    hi Harish....i m also confused between purva palm beach , mantri webcity and nikoo homes. I want to buy a 2.5 bhk. But Nikoo homes phase 2 not lunched till now. In 2.5 bhk of mantri webcity balconies are very small and purva palm beach possession time was very late. pls suggest. Reply
    • 14 Oct 2014
      Hi Rupesh Moharana, Nikoo Homes Phase II will be launching this month. But Price still not disclosed.
  31. 22 Oct 2014
    Hi Harish !! Investing in Palm beach 2nd Phase is a good option? What are the current pre-launch projects for investment and living also you advise me regarding the Empyrean and Artha Zen Villa projects if you can........Thks Reply
    • 29 Oct 2014
      Hi Punnam, Yes, its worth investing in Palm beach 2nd Phase. Empyrean and Artha Zen are good for self use than for investment.
  32. 30 Oct 2014
    Hi Harish, First of all thanks to your good work in providing unbiased comments/reviews about the real estate projects. I am seriously thinking on investing in palm beach, it is preferably for self use( down the line) Can you please provide your thoughts on the distance from purva palm beach to key workspaces situated in itpl, eco space in outer ring road? also they are proposing a CDP road which will connect to old madras road. My thought is to reach both of these workplaces within 15KMS radius. Reply
    • 31 Oct 2014
      Hi Nikhil, Distance from Purva Palm Beach to ITPL = 13.6 Kms , to RMZ Eco Space -16.8 Kms & to Old Madras Road is 6.5 Kms.
  33. 1 Nov 2014
    Hi Harish, Do you think Purva Palm Beach is in the right location for IT Professionals who definitely doesn't want to travel more for their workplaces. How you rank this project in terms of location and distance to major IT hubs/parks. If You think It's not the right location, Could you please suggest the right location/project for self use. Many Thanks ! Reply
    • 4 Nov 2014
      Hi Swapnil Jain, Currently most of IT Companies are located either in Whitefiled, Marathalli ORR & Electronics City. But This project is Near to Manyatha Tech Park, Kirloskar Business Park, Proposed IT companies @ Barathiya City and Proposed SEZ's @ Devanahalli. This project is not ideal for you...In case if you are working @ Electronics City.
  34. 1 Nov 2014
    Thanks Harish, booked a 3BHK (purva waves) in 6th floor. hope it is a wise decision and they keep the promises that they have made. Reply
    • 6 Nov 2014
      Hello Nikhil, I am also an interested party in buying the same..Can you please let me know the price they have given
  35. 6 Nov 2014
    I am thinking to book a 2 BHK unit in purva palm beach but getting confused with webcity again and again . I am happy with Purva waves every other aspects except the fact that its about 2.5 km from hennur main road but its closer to ORR than webcity. I have not visited the site myself . As I am buying the property for investment, do you think growth potential of purva beach area is competent to hennur main road ? Also, I like lively places , near to shops ,malls and market etc .So,after 5-6 years, do you think purva palm beach will be comparable to webcity which is on main road? Reply
    • 20 Nov 2014
      Hi Karan, Project will have direct connect to Hennur road via Proposed Pipe line road.( Hardly 1 Km to Hennur Main Road once it is done). As Purva Palm Beach is unique and Theme based. Project Will fetch higher returns when compared to Mantri Webcity. Please talk to my team @ 9590191191 for in-detailed discussion and Bookings & Best Deals.
  36. 17 Nov 2014
    Hi, Am planning to book 3 bhk for self use in K block. Can you pls let know if it's a good decision and builder has all the required approvals? Thanks Reply
    • 23 Nov 2014
      Hi Ruchi, Yes, Its a wise decision....All approvals are in place. Please talk to my team @ 9590181181 for better price and Bookings
  37. 25 Nov 2014
    Hi Harish Is abodh Valmark in Hebbal a good investment as well as for staying ? they are offering 2 BHK for around 69 lacs Reply
    • 26 Nov 2014
      Hi Mithun, We have not reviewed abodh Valmark. so wont be able to comment.Sorry.
  38. Vik
    16 Dec 2014
    Dear Harish, After so much of hype initially, Palm Beach is not selling now as expected. Do you know the reason? Looks like people are not much interested in this project anymore. Is it because of the price or the location restricting peoples to buy this? Thanks, Vik Reply
    • 4 Feb 2015
      Hi Vik, As far as i know, Palm beach is one of the fastest selling project, i dont understand from where did you get the wrong info on sales track
  39. 26 Dec 2014
    Hi Harish, Could you please update about the surrroundin developments in and around purva palm beach, am hearing news like some hospital is gonna come up near the project also some shopping mall is gonna open in the same vicinty, any idea about these developments? Reply
    • 4 Feb 2015
      Hi Nikhil As of now, we have not come across any such news regarding developments around the project. But surely, as you said all the civic amenities will be in place once the project is ready. Best example: DLF NEW TOWN IN BANNERGHATTA.
  40. 18 Feb 2015
    Hi Nihkil, I'm planning to invest in this project, ground floor 3bhk. Its mainly for investment and also small chance to staying there.....I saw this website called harshsagar and people have been very very negative about purvankara and their previous projects....also there is a lot of doubts on water supply for this big project.... I see that you are talking about this project in a very positive way so could you please help me understand if I should go forward with this investment or not. Reply
    • 2 Mar 2015
      Hi Dhanush, Every builder will have some or the other problems and everybody will have their own perceptions. More or less the real estate market in India is always like this, mostly builder friendly, the advantage of going with branded builder is you will not have to worry on simple things, at least it could be a safe bet compared to other unknown builders. Purvankara has mixed reviews, there are good and bad feedback as well. (in my view it is kind of good sign, since it is not completely very good or completely bad, showing their sign of improvement and some kind of system is working and active) Again the choice is yours, have a look around the surroundings of the project, you can see some kind of development has kick started, also as per the CDP PRR cuts across this project, cross-check with people who are living in purva's other projects and if you are convinced then take a decision.
  41. 20 Mar 2015
    Hi Harish, I have booked a 2BHK in A Block on 17th floor for investment. Kindly let me know what rate should I expect by the time project is ready & will it be difficult for me to sell the flat as it is on higher floor(G+17). Reply
    • 26 Mar 2015
      Hi Ujjwal You can expect 6000+ per sft during completion.
  42. 6 May 2015
    We have already booked an aprtment in Purva Waves( Phace 2 of PPB)....hopefully it will be ideal for self use ....so happy to read about your genuine comments.... Reply
  43. 9 May 2015
    They are illegally starting constructing 2nd floor onwards without getting commencement certificate from BBMP/BDA. With so much real-estate related illegalities coming out now in Bangalore (Saraki Lake) where revenue officials have demolished part existing Purva project. I am really worried of this project (Purva Palm Beach) too. Feeling like I should not gave invested with Purva. Reply
  44. 5 Jul 2015
    Hi,I have a 3 bhk for sale in purva palm beach.It is a premium apartment booked during prelaunch.Apartment comes with free one ton Ac.If interested please call@9902007389 Reply
  45. 8 Jul 2015
    Hi...we are planning to buy a property in hebbal area / hennur road....can u advise mantri web city is better or purva palm beach....we hear that mantri web city is not doing well? mantri has quote 5400 per sq.ft. is it reasonable and what price do u expect after 3 years?we shall be thankful for your inputs.... Reply
    • 5 Aug 2015
      Hi Geeta Palm Beach is a better project configuration compared to Webcity even though Mantri has a location advantage. You can expect upto 6750 per sft after 3 years.
    • Ash
      20 Apr 2016
      In real estate, 3 things matters a lot. 1. Location. 2. Location. 3. Location. Joke apart, but yes location is always a prime factor (as per my experience). I had chosen Webcity over Palm Beach because of location, specification, reputation. Palm beach is no doubt a very good project with unique amenities so as webcity. Rest the choice is of individuals :)
  46. 30 Aug 2015
    current offering is 5340/-. Is it still worth the buy.. Still no cauvery water there.. How will they manage Reply
  47. 24 Feb 2016
    Hi Harish, the project is under construction but still there are no major developments in neighbourhood. Also, it is far from main road.. Do you still suggest for this project? Regards Shashank Reply
    • 29 Mar 2016
      Hi Shashank, Yes, i still suggest. Public amenities fall under place only after handing over. Incase, if you are planning to buy. I suggest you to talk to my team members @ 9590171171 for best price.
  48. 29 Feb 2016
    Currently we are staying in Purva Riviera Marathalli and so far what review others have on the Builder . I see the Builder is doing a good job . Our society had issue initially like Rajakaluve etc . But the builder was always standing with us . Due to which not only the issue got sorted but today we even have A-Khata. Reply

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