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Orchid Nirvana presents us with the first opportunity to share our definition of what a residential enclave should truly embody. This plotted development is a hotbed for investment, bearing every single prerequisite that an ideal land investment should encompass.

Urban Planning plays an imperative role in the efficient functioning of a community. Orchid Nirvana has been planned around the natural topography of the land. Encompassing a total of 44.3 acres, the community will consist of 384 sites. At an average density of 8.5 sites per acre, the community will be spacious and airy.

A hierarchy of open spaces helps distinguish between spaces of strategic, local and neighbourhood importance, increasing the common understanding of the functions they perform. With a mix of plot sizes ranging from 2067 sft to 3789 sft; the community will cater to varying market needs. Facilities have been strategically located and spread out across the community to ensure that no matter where a resident stays, distances are easily bridged. Following the covenants of New Urbanism the planning has yielded a pedestrian friendly neighbourhood that also address aspects of vehicular safety.

Aesthetic guidelines have been put in place for street furniture, bicycle racks, trash cans and other such communal infrastructure to ensure a synergous living experience. Internal by-laws and guidelines will be set to maintain aesthetic harmony across the homes that are finally built.

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Orchid Nirvana Configuration


Project Location

IVC Road – Devanahalli

No. of Rows


Total Land Area

44.3 Acres

Unit Variants

2067 sq.ft to 3789 sq.ft

No. of Plots

385 Plots

Possession Date

Ready for Registration
Unit TypeSize in Sq.Ft
Plot 295 - 3852067
Plot 295 - 3852390
Plot 295 - 3853061
Plot 295 - 3853789
Plot 295 - 3855634
Plot 176 - 2942067
Plot 176 - 2942390
Plot 176 - 2943131
Plot 176 - 2945138
Plot 1 - 1752067
Plot 1 - 1752390
Plot 1 - 1753045
Plot 1 - 1755138

Orchid Nirvana Location

Current Status – Orchid Nirvana

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Orchid Nirvana Amenities






Swimming Pool


Billiards & Games Room


Basketball Court


Jogging & Skating Track


Tennis Court


Table Tennis


Landscaped Gardens


Kids Play Area


Spa & Sauna



Orchid Nirvana Price

TypeSize in sqftRate PsftBasic PriceApprox. Final Price Including - Taxes & Registration
Plot 295 - 3852067Rs. 2,200Rs. 45,47,400Rs. 55,47,828 Onwards
Plot 295 - 3852390Rs. 2,200Rs. 52,58,000Rs. 64,14,760 Onwards
Plot 295 - 3853061Rs. 2,200Rs. 67,34,200Rs. 82,15,724 Onwards
Plot 295 - 3853789Rs. 2,200Rs. 83,35,800Rs. 1,01,69,676 Onwards
Plot 295 - 3855634Rs. 2,200Rs. 1,23,94,800Rs. 1,51,21,656 Onwards
Plot 176 - 2942067Rs. 2,500Rs. 51,67,500Rs. 63,04,350 Onwards
Plot 176 - 2942390Rs. 2,500Rs. 59,75,000Rs. 72,89,500 Onwards
Plot 176 - 2943131Rs. 2,500Rs. 78,27,500Rs. 95,49,550 Onwards
Plot 176 - 2945138Rs. 2,500Rs. 1,28,45,000Rs. 1,56,70,900 Onwards
Plot 1 - 1752067Rs. 2,700Rs. 55,80,900Rs. 68,08,698 Onwards
Plot 1 - 1752390Rs. 2,700Rs. 64,53,000Rs. 78,72,660 Onwards
Plot 1 - 1753045Rs. 2,700Rs. 82,21,500Rs. 1,00,30,230 Onwards
Plot 1 - 1755138Rs. 2,700Rs. 1,38,72,600Rs. 1,69,24,572 Onwards

Expert Opinions on Orchid Nirvana

  • checked

    Located on IVC Road offering great connectivity

  • checked

    Close proximity to Airport

  • checked

    Location makes Orchid Nirvana good for Investment.

  • exclamation-mark

    Civic amenities are still developing in the vicinity

About the Builder – Goyal & Co | Hariyana Group

Goyal & co. was founded by the late Mr. Rampurshottam Goyal in 1970 in the city of Ahmedabad. A bachelor in civil engineering from Jodhpur University, he started the company with limited means. With his heart set on a long term vision and years of perseverance, he grew Goyal & Co into one of the leading real estate development companies in Western India, both in terms of residential and commercial.

The brand has changed the skyline of Ahmedabad as well as earned the respect of the city with a legacy synonymous with excellence, innovation and transparency. Choicest locations, perfect planning and immaculate implementation have ensured value for money for it’s customers. Known for delivering beyond the call of duty, Goyal & Co has systematically built on its credibility and goodwill with every project it has launched over the years. Each one being a true testament in innovation, design and construction.


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Orchid Nirvana
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Hi Harish, First of all thanks for creating a forum where every one can ask their doubts and glad to see it is being replied as well which give confidence that some one is there to hear us.
I too have question for you, may be people have asked you already, still please consider it, we are looking for plot between ITC fatory & IVC road, and have gone through number of Gated communities there like: Krishanaja, Dhammangi, StoneView, Orchid Nirvana etc.
Out of all above, we liked Stone view & Orchid Nirvana gated community. We are looking for residential purpose not for investment, which one do you suggest is worth taking it?

And, StoneView are quoting 2899/-sqft and Orchid Nirvana as 2200/- sqft.
Let me know you view on this.



Greetings Mr.Harish,

I am keen in purchasing a plot in Orchid Nirvana, for myself and brother..can you please advise on whether the price qouted 2700 Rs per sqft is realistic. What is the optimum price.Also am looking at investment purpose, what would be maintenance fees for site owners after 2years of initial maintenance(2 rs per sq ft) .

Best Regards,


Hi Harish, I am planning to buy orchid nirvana would like to know if it got all approvals / clearances and has no legal issues. Also request you to reply on legal issues in the ownership tree mentioned in the previous comments.


Hi Harish, Is there any legal issues in the ownership tree? Pl suggest to buy


Planning to buy in orchid nirvana but yesterday one lady told there is some legal issue in ownership tree. How much true. Please advice me. Thanks


i am also trying for karnataka teachers association,please suggest


Hi we are trying to buy plot karanataka teachers employees association, is it safe?


there are lot of government trust owned plots coming up near IVC road and opposite orchid nirvana like, karnataka teachers employees association plots covering 148 acers, telecome plots. Do you think these are good for investment and how correct their claims are and how safe it is to buy these from these so called government societies.


we brought 2400 sqft flat this year i researched little bit about this society, they gained lots of public trust and it is society. priced reasonable their did very well previous projects
that is my opinon


Hi Harish…am new into real estate world…can u pls advise about tgs layouts…there’s tgs vaishnavi coming up in devanahalli near the airport


Is Ozone Urbana a good buy at 4000 psqft resale ? I felt 3000 is more realistic


I am new to real estate. I have read that North Bangalore is better investment option that South Bangalore?

Can you please suggest a few projects – villa plots that I should consider purely from investment perspective. I am looking at a 5-7 year time frame.
I have read some good reviews about
1) Orchid Nirvana
2) Ozone Urbana
3) Sobha Landscape – does’nt fit my budget
4) Swiss Layout – doesnt fit my budget



Hi Harish, i did a site visit to orchid nirvana today and am quite impressed with the development. I also visited tapaasi rosebay last week and confused about choosing one between them. What’s your opinion on tapasI rosebay. If we think about estimates Down the line in 5 years which would be a better investment to do now in between them?


Hi Harish,
What about the project “Rashi Splendour” in Doddaballapur for investment of 5-7 hrs horizon.
I feel the price is reasonable compared to the projects in IVC road. Though it is still far north but I feel connectivity is good and already I see development around the project.



Plz let me know price of century sports village?


Hi Harish,

Which one you suggest Orchid Nirvana or Century Sports Village … Please mention reason as well.



Hi Harish,

Thanks for sharing thoughts about Orchid Nirvana. I’m currently looking at Orchid Nirvana and Sterling Hyde Park. I couldn’t find HydePark on your website. Any comments about HydePark? In terms of ROI which one do you suggest? Thanks, Sandeep


I am also intrested in this project, please let me know


Hi neetu and akkibhai, please post me prices you guys getting it for, my email is nithinnaidu@gmail.com


Orchid Nirvana or Sobha Landscape? which is better option for an NRI-End use 5-7 years from now. Please advise


Hi Harish, I saw your comment on upcoming plotted development in north bangalore(Bagalur).. Can you pls share project name/ details as I am quite close to buying plot in nirvana..
If you can’t share pls suggest if nirvana will be good for 5 year horizon? The only concern I see is that it’s 8 km inside from NH
Appreciate your response at the earliest .. Thanks!


Did u finalize on Orchid nirvana, can u share the pricing details?


Hi Harish,

can you please suggest which place is best to invest (investment purpose) out of following places.

1. IVC Road (Orchid Nirvana or any other project)
2. Devanahalli City
3. Telecom layout
3. Hollywood and swiss city layout
4. there are many layout near telecom layout, Hollywood layout, chikkajala, etc…

confused totally because of so many layouts near international airport. please request you to suggest which place is worth to invest.


Raju K

Hi Harish – What is your view on Dhammanagi Saffron Valley. This plotted development is within Devanahalli town limits and Dhammanagi as a developer has been famous for his tulip gardens project. Please help.

brijesh lal

Hi Harish could you please review Dhammanagi Saffron valley in homzandspace. It seems to be a very decent development. Appreciate your review.


Hi Harish,
I own a plot in Ozone urbana for about 2 years now and have recently been advised of Nitesh long island & orchid projects.
what would be your recommendations ffom a pure investor perspective: keep ozone plot; sell and buy ??
if sell and buy, which would you recommend?

thanks. Vivek.


Hi, which all project approvals done? like BIAPPA and so on?.


Hi Harish,

Sobha Canvas is too pricy any alternative to it .
Is Nirvana a good choice to invest.

pls do answer the same

Sai prakash

Hi Harish!give me a list of properties which u feel would double after 3 to 4 years on ivc road

Sai prakash

Sobha canvas is sold out

Sai prakash

Hi Harish! Which is the best property to invest in ivc road


I am current owner in one of the project of Galaxy.Builder is trustworthy.they have completed few projects galaxy orchid park and galaxy enclave.
I have no issues with their credibility.

My question to Mr. Harish is :
How about the surrounding of this 44 acres locality .
Will it develop into a good area say 5 years down the line ?


All.. visited Orchid Nirvana today and it looks really promising. Good location especially if the news about IVC road widening to 300ft is true. Quted price is 1899/- psft however, negotiable. What is the right price? Also, anyone up for Group buy?

Kaushik – sent a separate email to you.

Samir Parida

Has any one booked in Orchid Nirvana? What rate is being quoted and any discounts provided?


Hi Harish,

I am outside India. This website and your comments have been very informative and useful for me. Appreciate it.

I don’t have much idea about this area and the builder. Is this place a developed and in livable condition now? Are there schools and other facilities near by?

If not, how many years do you think it will take for this place to get developed? What might be the returns in case if I want to sell it after 2-3 years.

Thanks again.


Hi Harish, I want to invest in one of their projects in hennur road named Orchid Woods . Can you please share your views on the project


Hi ,
I want to invest in one of their projects in hennur road named Orchid Woods . Can you please share your views on the project.

Ved JayaKumar A.

Anyone who has purchased the property in Orchid Nirvana and have verified the Legal Documents, please reply.


Hello Ved, I bought a plot there but haven’t verified the legalities yet. Please email me if you’re interested to connect.

Ved JayaKumar A.

Hi Harish,

I wish to know that how much potential do you think in this project.
Comparing Orchid Nirvana with Nitesh Long Island and Divyashree Belle Vue, which one will have a better appreciation.
Nitesh Long island is very near to NH, is it +ve or -ve. Consider the noise pollution part also.

Eagerly waiting for your inputs..