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    Hiranandani Devanahalli | Apartments – Villas – Cottages

    Hiranandani Devanahalli Overview Hiranandani Devanahalli Configuration DevanahalliG + 2 Floors S + 7 Floors80 Acres2, 2.5, 3 & 4 BHK642 Apartments 160 Cottages 105 Villas2017 OnwardsUnit%20Type,Size%20in%20Sq.Ft|2%20BHK%20-%20Chancery%20Tower,1100|2%20BHK%20-%20Chancery%20Tower,1125|3%20BHK%20-%20Chancery%20Tower,1550|3%20BHK%20-%20Cypress%20Tower,1835|3%20BHK%20-%20Cypress%20Tower,2077|3%20BHK%20-%20Cypress%20Tower,2133|4%20BHK%20-%20Cypress%20Tower,2734|2%20BHK%20-%20Cross%20Gate%20Tower,1190|3%20BHK%20-%20Cross%20Gate%20Tower,1750|3%20BHK%20-%20Cross%20Gate%20Tower,1902|3%20BHK%20-%20Cross%20Gate%20Tower,1920|2%20BHK%20-%20Calgary%20Tower,1188|2.5%20BHK%20-%20Calgary%20Tower,1440|3%20BHK%20-%20Calgary%20Tower,1473|3%20BHK%20-%20Calgary%20Tower,1540|3%20BHK%20-%20Calgary%20Tower,1633|3%20BHK%20-%20Calgary%20Tower,1668|3%20BHK%20-%20Cottage%20-%2030%20x%2050,2121|3%20BHK%20-%20Cottage%20-%2030%20x%2060,2424|4%20BHK%20-%20Cottage%20-%2030%20x%2050,2450|4%20BHK%20-%20Cottage%20-%2030%20x%2060,2820|3%20BHK%20-%20Villa%20-%2060%20x%2040,2850|4%20BHK%20-%20Villa%20-%2060%20x%2040,3133|4%20BHK%20-%20Villa%20-%2050%20x%2080,4100|4%20BHK%20-%20Villa%20-%2060%20x%2070,4055|4%20BHK%20-%20Villa%20-%2060%20x%2080,4280|4%20BHK%20-%20Villa%20-%2050%20x%2060,3390|4%20BHK%20-%20Villa%20-%2060%20x%2080,4770 Hiranandani Devanahalli Location Devanahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 562110 Master Plan & Floor Plans -  Hiranandani Devanahalli Hiranandani Devanahalli Specifications RCC framed...

    Brigade Atmosphere | Villas in Devanahalli

    Brigade Atmosphere Overview Brigade Atmosphere  a theme based cluster villas, designed with a unique concept of Community & Courtyard living. Located on the Vijipura Road, Devanahalli. Its architectural design gives pleasant living community for villas which...

    Brigade Orchards | Villas & Apartments in Devanahalli

    Brigade Orchards Overview Brigade Orchards is a smartly conceived and well laid out integrated township that is just ten minutes from Bangalore’s International Airport. This 130 acre township has been designed with sustainability and your...

    Embassy Springs | Plots – Villas – Apartments in Devanahalli

    Embassy Springs Overview Embassy Springs Aptly described as the master plan for happiness, discover here a 300 acre city, the largest so far in Bangalore in the fastest appreciating property location, North Bangalore. The largest and...
    Century Sports Village Main

    Century Sports Village | Plots in Devanahalli

    Century Sports Village Overview Century Sports Village a plotted development on BIAL road. With a Club House and sports complex, Century Sports village enjoys excellent connectivity through the new International airport expressway to the city centre and...
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    Sobha Landscape | Plots in Devanahalli

    Sobha Landscape Overview Sobha Landscape. Plots that’ll give you the freedom of indulging in designing your plot, your way. If you’re someone who likes things their way, then this is what you’ve been waiting for. CANVAS,...

    Sobha LifeStyle Legacy | Villas in IVC Road

    Sobha LifeStyle Legacy Overview Sobha LifeStyle Legacy – This is the space for a discerning, gregarious few. Let’s face it; different people have different benchmarks for success. For a discerning few, there is the Sobha Lifestyle –...

    Divyasree Base Camp | Plots in Nandi Hills

    Divyasree Base Camp Overview Divyasree Base Camp is a rare gated community right at the base of Nandi Hills. The scenic hills towering over the lush green locality provide the ideal setting for dream homes that...

    Hiranandani Devanahalli | Cottages in Devanahalli

    Hiranandani Devanahalli Cottages Overview Hiranandani Devanahalli Cottages Configuration DevanahalliG + 1 Floors80 Acres3 & 4 BHK160 Cottages2017 OnwardsUnit%20Type,Size%20in%20Sq.Ft|3%20BHK%20-%20Cottage%20-%2030%20x%2050,2121|3%20BHK%20-%20Cottage%20-%2030%20x%2060,2424|4%20BHK%20-%20Cottage%20-%2030%20x%2050,2450|4%20BHK%20-%20Cottage%20-%2030%20x%2060,2820 Hiranandani Devanahalli Cottages Location Devanahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 562110 Master Plan & Floor Plans -  Hiranandani Devanahalli Cottages Hiranandani Devanahalli Cottages Specifications RCC framed structure Building ...

    Hiranandani Devanahalli | Villas in Devanahalli

    Hiranandani Devanahalli Villas Overview Hiranandani Devanahalli Villas Configuration DevanahalliG + 2 Floors S + 7 Floors80 Acres3 & 4 BHK 105 Villas2017 OnwardsUnit%20Type,Size%20in%20Sq.Ft|3%20BHK%20-%20Villa%20-%2060%20x%2040,2850|4%20BHK%20-%20Villa%20-%2060%20x%2040,3133|4%20BHK%20-%20Villa%20-%2050%20x%2080,4100|4%20BHK%20-%20Villa%20-%2060%20x%2070,4055|4%20BHK%20-%20Villa%20-%2060%20x%2080,4280|4%20BHK%20-%20Villa%20-%2050%20x%2060,3390|4%20BHK%20-%20Villa%20-%2060%20x%2080,4770 Hiranandani Devanahalli Villas Location Devanahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 562110 Master Plan & Floor Plans -  Hiranandani Devanahalli Villas Hiranandani Devanahalli Villas Specifications RCC...

    Hiranandani Devanahalli | Apartments in Devanahalli

    Hiranandani Devanahalli Apartments Overview Hiranandani Devanahalli Apartments Configuration DevanahalliS + 7 Floors80 Acres2, 2.5, 3 & 4 BHK642 Apartments 2017 OnwardsUnit%20Type,Size%20in%20Sq.Ft|2%20BHK%20-%20Chancery%20Tower,1100|2%20BHK%20-%20Chancery%20Tower,1125|3%20BHK%20-%20Chancery%20Tower,1550|3%20BHK%20-%20Cypress%20Tower,1835|3%20BHK%20-%20Cypress%20Tower,2077|3%20BHK%20-%20Cypress%20Tower,2133|4%20BHK%20-%20Cypress%20Tower,2734|2%20BHK%20-%20Cross%20Gate%20Tower,1190|3%20BHK%20-%20Cross%20Gate%20Tower,1750|3%20BHK%20-%20Cross%20Gate%20Tower,1902|3%20BHK%20-%20Cross%20Gate%20Tower,1920|2%20BHK%20-%20Calgary%20Tower,1188|2.5%20BHK%20-%20Calgary%20Tower,1440|3%20BHK%20-%20Calgary%20Tower,1473|3%20BHK%20-%20Calgary%20Tower,1540|3%20BHK%20-%20Calgary%20Tower,1633|3%20BHK%20-%20Calgary%20Tower,1668 Hiranandani Devanahalli Apartments Location Devanahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 562110 Master Plan & Floor Plans -  Hiranandani Devanahalli Apartments Hiranandani Devanahalli Apartments Specifications RCC framed...

    Orchid Nirvana | Plots in IVC Road – Devanahalli

    Orchid Nirvana Overview Orchid Nirvana presents us with the first opportunity to share our definition of what a residential enclave should truly embody. This plotted development is a hotbed for investment, bearing every single prerequisite that...
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